NAC Deployment

NAC   Deployment

Network Access Control provides visibility and control into network. As organizations expand organically or inorganically because of merger and acquisition, they face challenges in identifying and distinguishing between approved and unapproved devices and objects on their network. A well architected NAC provides visibility into an existing network and continues to provide visibility and control as these networks expand or new devices and user are authorized to connect to the network. A well architected NAC provides detection, authentication, assessment, authorization, remediation and monitoring. We have years of experience making sure your NAC well architected and right sets of services are enabled so that NAC can become a business enabler rather than a burden on your network. We start with clearly defining your goal, look at existing controls in place and provide your recommendation that best fits your needs.

Before deploying firewall(s) across your organization we work with your team on figuring out how much network security does your organization needs. What controls you have in place and how the new firewall would fit in the overall picture and how well it’s going to integrate. What level of granularity you need when it comes to security rules and policies. From installation, configuration to defining rules and security polices, we cover it all. We provide you with end to end services including maintenance roadmap including hiring of right staff to manage your firewall if needed.

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