SIEM Deployment

SIEM   Deployment

As part of SIEM deployment, our team of experts reviews your organizational security posture and build the initial case for SIEM. We look at what’s most critical and provide your detailed roadmap outlining details of phases along with nitty gritty details of what features should be implemented first. Each organization we work with is different and has different sets of needs when it comes to SIEM deployment.

You may be looking to monitor your sensitive data, or you may be trying to protect your intellectual property. You may be doing SIEM deployment for compliance reason. We look at existing controls in place and what needs to be done prior to SIEM deployment. Successful SIEM deployment takes time. It goes through discovery, deployment and maturity phase. Our team support you through out these phases and provide you the necessary expertise to navigate as you become successful in your SIEM deployment.

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